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Who was Dawn Powell?


1896 Born in family home at 53 West North Street in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, on November 28, the second of three daughters of Roy King Powell and Hattie Sherman Powell. (In later years Powell habitually gives her birth year as 1897. Father, b. August 24, 1869, and mother, b. March 24, 1872, are both from […]

1950 Diary

Cover 1950 Diary

Much time spent with Gerald and Sara Murphy. Powell inspired to start work on “The Wicked Pavilion.” In November, Powell makes her one and only trip to Europe, where she lives in Paris at the Hotel Lutetia. Powell begins planning her novel “The Wicked Pavilion” during a visit to the Murphy estate on the Hudson […]

1952 Diary

Cover 1952 Diary

Publication of Powell’s short story collection “Sunday, Monday and Always.” Powell working hard on “The Wicked Pavilion” but having an usual case of writer’s block. This meditation would eventually become the autobiographical short story “What Are You Doing in My Dreams?” Continuation of Powell’s meditation that would become her short story “What Are You Doing […]