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1925 Diary

Cover 1925 Diary

This is more of an appointment book than a diary. Most of the entries are only a sentence or two long. 1925 was the year that Dawn Powell moved to Greenwich Village where she would live for the rest of her life. There are coded references to what seems to have been an affair with […]

1932 Diary

Cover 1932 Diary

Another very rich and substantial diary. Powell begins the year in Hollywood then flees back first to Ohio and then to New York. Very little of this has ever been printed. Publication of “Come to Sorrento,” which the publishers insist upon calling “The Tenth Moon.” Here is Powell’s uncut entry for August 15, 1932. Much […]

1933 Diary

Cover 1933 Diary

Another unusually rich and descriptive diary. “Big Night” opens in January and closed after nine performances to mostly terrible reviews. (One of the few sympathetic critics was Robert Benchley.) Powell would finish the second of the only two plays produced during her lifetime this year. At the end of the year, she seems to have […]