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Who was Dawn Powell?


1896 Born in family home at 53 West North Street in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, on November 28, the second of three daughters of Roy King Powell and Hattie Sherman Powell. (In later years Powell habitually gives her birth year as 1897. Father, b. August 24, 1869, and mother, b. March 24, 1872, are both from […]

1944 Diary

Cover 1944 Diary

Publication of “My Home Is Far Away.” Powell was deeply hurt by Edmund Wilson’s mixed review in The New Yorker. Powell is finishing “My Home Is Far Away”; “Perkins” is Max Perkins, who also edited Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Thomas Wolfe.

1962 Diary

Cover 1962 Diary

A year of many deaths—artist Franz Kline, patron Margaret de Silver, and husband Joseph Gousha. Somehow, Powell finished “The Golden Spur” and it was published in the fall. Edmund Wilson devotes more than 2,000 admiring words to the book in The New Yorker. Powell reflects on the long struggles with her husband and her son.