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Woggs Diary 1915

Cover Woggs Diary 1915

Powell spent the summer of 1915 as a maid and waitress at the Shore Club in Painesville, Ohio. The notebook is copiously illustrated with Powell’s own caricatures, many of which are very funny. Approximately 100 pages. Never before published.

1926 Diary

Cover 1926 Diary

Another abbreviated diary with short entries. Powell’s father Roy was mortally ill and she returned to Oberlin, Ohio, to sit with him until he died. She was in the midst of finishing both “She Walks in Beauty” and what would become “The Bride’s House.”

1932 Diary

Cover 1932 Diary

Another very rich and substantial diary. Powell begins the year in Hollywood then flees back first to Ohio and then to New York. Very little of this has ever been printed. Publication of “Come to Sorrento,” which the publishers insist upon calling “The Tenth Moon.” Here is Powell’s uncut entry for August 15, 1932. Much […]

1942 Diary

Cover 1942 Diary

Publication of “A Time to Be Born.” A visit to Ohio, which increases Powell’s interest in pursuing an autobiographical novel. On occasion, writing came easily for Powell. The story, retitled “Audition,” is one of her most admired. Throughout her life, Powell was deeply concerned about her financial situation. In her early sixties, she and her […]