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The Diaries of Dawn Powell: 1915-1965

Cover 1943-1953 Diaries

What are the Dawn Powell diaries? They are 43 handwritten volumes dating from 1915 to 1965 by the American author Dawn Powell (1896-1965). An abridged version (approximately 1/5 of the content) was edited by Tim Page and published in 1995 by Steerforth Press, to international acclaim. Now, with the blessing of Powell’s family and her […]

1920-1942 Diaries

Covers 1920-1942 Diaries

This is a representative picture of Powell’s diaries between 1920 and 1942. Conditions vary. Some bindings are very weak and the 1931 diary has no hard cover at all.

1942 Diary

Cover 1942 Diary

Publication of “A Time to Be Born.” A visit to Ohio, which increases Powell’s interest in pursuing an autobiographical novel. On occasion, writing came easily for Powell. The story, retitled “Audition,” is one of her most admired. Throughout her life, Powell was deeply concerned about her financial situation. In her early sixties, she and her […]